by little pharmer

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Recorded in Powell River, British Columbia @ the Music Room with Tom Dowding. We laughed alot.


released April 20, 2013



all rights reserved


little pharmer Powell River, British Columbia

Prepare to be uplifted, and a bit shaken. Little pharmer is a musical collision between industrial agriculture and joyous inspiration. Brilliant lyrics, wild songwriting, fearless energy; this is farm rock, punk rock, and true folk music. You will leave with a song in your heart and dirt under your nails. ... more

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Track Name: CITY HALL

mother nature's takin off her dress
in front of city hall
her lips are drippin wishlists on the lawn
no one can control themselves
they're coming down to city hall
hellelujah hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
her lips are blowin kisses
to the stiffs inside of city hall
mistrusted guts and rusted nuts
begin to turn
and burn

mother nature's takin off her dress
in front of all the weathermen
mother nature's takin off her dress
in front of all the aliens

she parts her lips and starts to kiss
the dark spirit of city hall

the old work is done
she comes like the sun.
Track Name: OIL SPILL

I am the oil spill
I'm in the bush family will
I got monsanto tatoos
I got the blues I got the blues I got the blues
it's true-
me and my positive vibe
are gonna gonna gonna gonna cure your cancer tonight

I am the styrofoam
I'm never hangin up the phone
I tell you one thing-
home is where the heart is
Baby, you don't even know
and that's why I love you so.

horsetails in the ditch
horsetails in the ditch
horsetails in the ditch
horsetails in the ditch
son of a bitch I burnt the food
and made a freakin mess of the pan-

No problem man, nature provides-
look at these here plants you can handle
like a scourin pad just grab a handlful

horsetails in the ditch
horsetails I can pick
horsetails I can stick
in a pot of boilin water
make a tea for my daughter
I heard they're good for your skin too-
like you can make a brew and bathe in it
I'm takin a bath with ma nature
ma nature bathin with me...

I wanna be a tattoo on the back of a maniac
from los angeles, california
a stain on sinful skin
a glimpse of what might lie within
a tainted mind

I wanna be the crumpled peice of trash
that you throw into the grass
as a testament to man,
and all of his creative plans
I want him to lay down the hand
he plans to gamble on.

I wanna be the mirror you look at-
the one that calls you fat.
I'd ask you who was there,
before you knew how to compare,
who's there inside the mould your holdin?

I wanna be the worry in your mind.
there's only one kind.
it's planted by the time you buy
to occupy the vacancy inside your mind.
a sacrifice of humankind is rollin.
it's pickin up those who've
given up without knowin.
those who are waiting to be told -
pouring themselves into their moulds
and posin for the end.

I see beyond the vast plains of plastic.
perhaps we are the last ones to buy.
together you and I, may have to provide
all the truth and the love and the light.

plantain, planatain,
I need you again-
I busted up my knuckle workin on my truck
plantain, plantain,
I burned myself again-
I grabbed the hot handle and I said...

what's goin on? did you forget about nature?
what's it gonna take
for her medicine to move these
piles of pills look so pretty,
but I'm gonna hold the helpin hand
that grows at my feet.

plaintain, plantain,
yo, no, not the bannana strain-
I`m talkin real canadian
ditch medicine brothers and sisters!
plantain, plantain,
please allow me to explain-
it heals cuts and scrapes,
abrasions, lacerations and blisters

if you ever pulled a carrot from the ground
and gobbled it down, you know
that it`s better fresh picked
than fresh pulled off a shelf.
but what does fresh mean?
it's the quality of connection between
one little peice of nature
and nature itself.

that connection can be strong,
or it can be long gone -
like when your doctor's got ya
smellin plastic flowers.

there's some powerful shit man
growin right in the ditch man!
a fresh medicine buffet -
I'm wounded where's the plantain?

How much power is there in a bag of flour?
well it depends how many hours it's been
scince it was ground up
if it's more than 72, well then
just add some water you'll have some glue.
just add some water you'll have some glue.
sure in times of famine -
I'd rather eat glue than nothin,
but don't tell me there's nothin to eat.
I seen all kinds of food
growin at the side of the street:
Dandilions and clovers,
pull your vehicle over
the weeds wanna be eaten by you,
but your mouth is full of glue.
if I was Robin Hood I would sue
because his flour is robbin' you.

how much disgrace
is there in a tube of toothpaste?
well it depends how deep it's laced
with trisodium glutemate
I don't know what that is.
maybe you feed it to your kids
but I'm gonna make toothpaste on my own
outta simple things I find inside my home
little bit of salt and baking soda
pull your toothbrush over
custom made flavour and taste
for the shiniest bones in your face.
little bit of custom made flavour and taste
for the shiniest bones in your face

how much grief is there in a pound of beef?
well that depends if you believe
that the earth deserves to breathe, see-
to the earth each tree is a lung
and we've been cuttin down the jungle
in the Amazon, about a million trees a day
because my favourite food
needs a place to graze.
hungry dudes with big bulldozers
tippin jungles over
don't get in the way of my cow
or my bulldozer gonna take you out!
I don't care whose mamma you are
I need beef for my belly and oil for my car
acre after acre,
tonight we're havin steak for dinner...
Track Name: little bird lullabye

the little bird flew
through the big old empty sky
he landed up a tree
and closed his little eyes

he dreamed of bird things
he dreamed of open wings
he dreamed of everything singin

in the morning he awoke
and cleaned his wings before he flew

you can't go anywhere without the moon

the little bird flew
through the big old empty sky
I let go of everything
and now I can fly

I dream of bird things
I dream of open wings
I dream of everything singing

the horizon is my church
but I never end up goin

a line is just a circle being born.